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Hong Kong Boat Tour 2017


It’s been a while since I have updated this WordPress. I’ll try my best to share as often as I could. On that note, I know I have already shared with you all about our youtube channel, Team Triple 1 LDR. Put an LDR to it since we are still in LDR. It might change in the long run but for now, let’s keep it that way. 😊

I have uploaded a new video up on our channel, about our boat tour in Hong Kong. If you want, you can check it out, here. A 5 minute video showing the ferry, boats, skyscrapers, and beautiful Hong Kong in general! I’ll put a short teaser here on the blog.


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Youtube Channel – Team Triple 1


             Team Triple 1 Youtube Channel


How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing fine! I know I’ve not much visitors here but I just want to share that I have made a Youtube Channel. This channel is just about everything under the sun! Unlike this blog site of mine which showcases our meet-ups, my youtube channel will show everything that’s happening in my life!

The Youtube Channel  is just a preparation for my *fingers crossed* next chapter of my life. Hopefully when Mr Triple 1 and I will be living in his country! I want to document everything that will happen but for the mean time, I’m documenting my life here in Philippines! Like this video, Singing Time!

So, I hope you can spare a little time and visit my channel! Don’t forget to subscribe too! The channel’s name is Team Triple 1! I’ll be waiting for you there! See you!

Please no judgement, I’m no pro vlogger! 😂 Just for fun and enjoyment! Again, please visit Team Triple 1 and subscribe! Thank you so much!!!


Seventh Meet-up

Our seventh meet-up happened last April 18 to May 09 but he stayed in Manila for a day, so technically up until May 10, 2019. This meet-up tested our relationship at a higher level. I would say, it made our relationship stronger! Now let me breakdown those by highlighting the events.

Mother’s death – yes, my mom recently passed away, and it was the most heartbreaking thing that has happened to me and my sisters. I thought the passing of my grandma was the most painful but nothing can be more painful than losing your mother. Even though it’s been a month, still the emotions are fresh. In a snap, everything didn’t make sense anymore. But, I’m just so glad, Mr. Triple 1 was here when it happened or else I don’t know where would I be now. I’m also glad that my love met my mom and grandma before they joined our creator.


Family Picture

Coffee and breakfast, and foods – in this meet-up, coffee and breakfast are precious to us. Since I was taking my summer class we need to insert our time together in between. It’s honestly hard and it really tested our relationship. Thankfully, we did it!


Coffee and breakfast, and foods

7-meet-up itch – I believe you’ve heard about the seven-year itch and I’ve coined my own itch, the 7 meet-up itch! This could be applied to LDR’s out there, as we are counting not just the years of the relationship but we’re counting the meet-ups we have during this long distance relationship. Surely there are circumstances that would really try to break you apart and I could say we have strongly passed those circumstances! It’s really just a matter of fighting together, holding hand in hand, and knowing that in the end, you’re the only people involved in the relationship. So, you need to keep working on it so that you can get through any trials along the way until the time that you’ll be together, just always give a benefit of a doubt to each other. Trust and keep your love greater than anything out there and always keep your communication line open!


Together and Stronger! ❤

Change class opening – the school opening for this year has been changed into August. Which means, I have 2 more months of (extended) summer vacation! Woot! Woot! In relation to that, I’ll be going to a paradise soon! Together with the sisters, cousins, and aunts! Mr. Triple 1 couldn’t make it as he’s just recently been here, but he booked us a hotel room! Yay! I can’t wait to unwind for real!


That’s all for our seventh meet-up, stay tuned to my next post! 🙂


Sixth Meet-up


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on my blog. Wait, my last update was last May? 😱 Ahh, time flies! Let me do a quick recap. I’ve already posted our 1st til 5th meet-up.

Now time to post about our sixth meet-up. This meet-up’s been the  most memorable one for us. Want to know why? Are you all excited?  Let me break it down by highlighting some of the moments on this meet-up.

Semestral break last project – submitting a portfolio is one of our subject’s final requirement. Crazy how this requirement tested my patience. Mr. T has already arrived and I couldn’t spend all of my time with him because I need to go forth and back to the school to submit the project. A lot of things happened, and I’ve been turned between turning in the project and spending time with my love. I was tired and at the same time pressured.

To cut the story short, Mr. T has been so patient with me and so understanding and supportive. I got my friends too, who never left my side. Then, finally, in just a snap it was done. Time for relaxation!!!




Singapore – we visited SG again for the second time. We’ve encountered a lot of cancelled/missed flights on this trip. First, they have cancelled our flight at the last minute. But we went still, hoping for a miracle. We arrived at the airport and was transferred to another flight.

We thought we were so lucky! But, it turned out to be a bad idea. We missed our flight to SG! I told Mr. T that we could just spent our ramaining vacation days in Cebu. But, he insisted to book another ticket bound for SG.

So the journey to SG continues. I wondered why, he insisted to push through with it. But, I was thinking, yeah, we’ve been eager to revisit Singapore for a time now. But the main reason was…


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Singapore for the second time


Engaged – you read it right, he asked and I said YES! Need I say more? I’ll post another entry for this. But, yeah, that’s the main reason why he insisted on pushing through with the trip to SG. I’m just so happy and looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. ❤️


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In love and engaged 💍💓


That’s all for our sixth meet-up. I’m still on cloud 9 and I guess will be staying there for quite sometime. 💞 Stay tuned for our 7th meet-up. He’s coming back and I can’t wait! 💘


Fifth Meet-up

Our fifth meet-up happened last summer. We spent more than a month together for the summer. I would say, it’s one for the books for me. We did SEA tour and explored each on our own terms. Now let me share to you the highlights on the fifth meet-up.

Taiwan – it’s our first destination and we took advantage on the “free visa trial” for the Philippines. We spent 3 days here and one of the things we did was meeting an online friend.

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Taiwan Slideshow

Vietnam – second in line’s Hanoi. Now, I fell in love and first sight with Hanoi. It’s my second favorite city next to my hometown! We also met my high school best friend who is working in Hanoi. We did the Halong Bay Tour, another reason why went to Vietnam. We did kayaking, and it tested (again) our team-up! It was worth it!!

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Vietnam Slideshow

Thailand – we first landed to Bangkok and spent a few days before heading to Phuket! We had the most luxurious hotel in Phuket! We stayed at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket. I need to say this, Thai foods are the best!!

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Thailand Slideshow

Cambodia – we went here for one main reason, visit the Angkor Wat. We did the most hardcore walking in our lives! To everyone who wants to visit Angkor Wat and do Temple tour, please prepare yourself!

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Cambodia Slideshow

Malaysia – last but definitely not the least, Kuala Lumpur. Now, you probably know that we’ve been here before. It’s the first country we visited twice. First was by land and the second was by air. We had an unforgettable experience in Malaysia, I might write a post about it.

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Malaysia Slideshow

Family Getaway – we had a quick and unplanned family get together. Also celebrated our 29th Monthsary on a movie date with my sisters!


Fourth Meet-up

Last October 2017 was our fourth meet-up. It happened during our semestrial break. It was just a short 2 weeks but I’d take it than nothing. I’m going to share the highlights on our fourth meet-up.

School’s Variety Show – the day that he arrived was the time when our variety show happened. It was absolutely unintentional because when we were planning on his date of arrival we picked the date of the break. Luckily, his arrival time didn’t conflict the start of the show. But, I tagged him along because I didn’t want him to spend his first day alone in the hotel. Beforehand, I asked him if it’s okay with him and he said, yes.

So, we went to the Dome, where the show took place. All eyes were on him. It’s just hard not to noticed him. He’s just sitting in the benches a bit far from the stage but was okay for me. Everyone was telling me, how lucky I am that I’ve got a supportive man. I just feel blessed!


Bohemian Theme Group Photo

My Mom and (Youngest) Sister First Plane Ride – my mom and youngest sister had their first plane ride on this meet-up. Yes, we had a family vacation! We went to Malapascua Island. We got all the much needed rest!

Family Vacation on Malapascua Island

First Flower – while we were in Malapascua, I got sick. The rest of the stay in the Island, I wasn’t feeling well. One time when the room cleaner went in our room, we decided to just wait outside while they’re cleaning the room. Mr. Triple 1 handed me a flower. The first flower he’s given to me.

I don’t know if it’s wild flower or the name of it but, I was really touched. When you are not feeling well and out of the blue someone will give you a flower, your heart will feel loved. It wasn’t a bouquet and it was only one flower but it means a LOT to me. 🙂

Me and the Flower

The fourth meet-up made me realized that Mr. Triple 1 will stick with me in sickness or not. He’s taken care of me and I really felt his love. We also did a lot of simple things like, riding the jeepney, bao-bao, and motorela. We attended my childhood friend’s wedding. Not even the sickness stopped us from spending a great break!

So, those are the highlights of our fourth meet-up. Stay tuned for the fifth meet-up. Don’t forget to follow, like and comment! 🙂


Third Meet-up

The third meet-up happened last April to May 2017. If you asked why it took us long to meet again, it’s because, I experienced my second visa rejection. Imagine my broken heart before, now it felt as though it’s been killed twice! It’s really not easy to apply for a visa but not losing hope here. Although, I’d rather not apply soon. So, I’m sharing the highlights of our third meet-up. Enjoy yourself!

Hong Kong – it’s our first time in HK and we were having a bit of difficulty. Not much signs translated to English. Most of the people here don’t speak English. So, going around this country was a bit hard but still we managed! Here, I’ve proven that we are indeed a good team!

We got lost here a LOT but gotten through it because Team Triple 1 is the best! 😀 Seriously though, our unity here as a couple got tested! And, I’d say, HK made us stronger and ever!

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HK Slideshow

Boracay – we had a chance to visit the ever famous Boracay Island. Although, I believe it was not the perfect time to visit the place because there was a lot of moss in the beach. Still, we’re glad that we’ve been there before it goes to its healing time. Boracay Island is closed for 6 months because it needs to heal. See you soon and hopefully a renewed Boracay Island will be reborn!

Boracay Island

Manila Ocean Park – we finally had the time to visit the Manila Ocean Park. I’ve been wanting to visit this place and glad that I did it with Mr. Triple 1. I couldn’t asked for more!

Manila Ocean Park

Museums – we also visited museums on our third meet-up. National Museum of the Philippines and Hong Kong Maritime Museum. I love Museums, so imagine my happiness while roaming around! 😀


Business Class Flight – last but I guess the most unforgettable that happened during our third meet-up was upgrading to BUSINESS CLASS FLIGHT! It was our first time to ever experienced such class and it was absolutely the BEST! Really grateful for all the things I’ve experience with my love!


Business Class Foods

It was a summer well spent together! Stay tuned for our fourth meet-up! Don’t forget to comment, like and follow! Let me know if you follow me so I could return the act! 🙂


Second Meet-up

Our second meet-up happened last June 2016. After I got denied on my first visa application and was totally brokenhearted. We planned out our second meet-up. Now let me share you some of the highlights on our second meet-up.

Meet the Family – one of the big step in any relationship is meeting the family. And it happened almost 2 years ago. I would say, one of the positive things that happened after my visa denial. We were totally anxious about the meeting, who wouldn’t? When it will be first time in my entire life that I get to bring a guy to meet my family. In his part, it was also his first time to meet a family of his girlfriend. 😉 Nonetheless I would say that the meet-up was successful and it was a blast!


Candid Shot

Singapore – it’s my first out of the country flight! Together, it was our first international travel. When you’re a first timer and you’ve heard a lot of horror stories about going through the immigration, I was really nervous! But, to sum it all, we also now have an unforgettable story to share! One of the reasons why SG will always be special to my heart!

Some of the Tourist Spots in SG

Universal Studio, SG – last but not the least, Universal Studio in SG! I will include this as one of the highlights because, it deserves to be in there! 😉 I love to go to theme parks and rides! Universal Studio exceeded my expectations! I will never look at a theme park the same way ever! 😀

Universal Studio

We also went to Malaysia but I’ll include it on the fifth meet-up highlights. So far, that’s all on our second meet-up. Stay tuned for the third, fourth and fifth meet-up! Thank you for reading! 🙂

All Firsts, TT1

First Meet-up

Who among you here are in Long distance relationship? Have you ever thought that one day you will see that person for real? That you will touch, kiss, and feel that person you’ve only seen on the screen? That you can be together in person? Spend time and do things together?

I’ve never thought that all those things will happen to me and Mr. Triple 1. Although, I’ve got my own imagination and play scenarios of what will happen if it does happen. But, mind you, no matter how beautiful my imagination could be nothing beats the reality! That no matter how imperfect reality is, it will always be perfect in its own way. I’d always choose reality over a dream. 😊

In relation to my sentimental intro, I’m going to share some highlights on our first meet-up.

Outfit – one of the things that you need to think when meeting someone for the first time is the outfit. When meeting your love for the first time, I’d say, always go for a dress. I brought three dresses for me to choose. Sorry, I can’t upload pic of each dress because I had a different phone back then. A quick tip, try to ask opinions of your friends.

I asked my 3 gards (that’s what we fondly call each other.) about their opinion. I sent a picture of each dress. Interestingly, the floral blue dress won unanimously. I brought 2 pairs of shoes. Then, I took a photo of each pair with the floral blue dress. The picture below was my outfit on our first meet-up. 😍

64701AD1-5AA0-4599-9B0F-5C28359440F8 Outfit for our first meet-up

First plane ride together – going to Bohol, it was our first plane ride together. We spent most of our days there. Bohol is such a beautiful paradise but being there with Mr. Triple 1 made it more memorable! Bohol had been our silent witness for all the things that happened there. Hence, it will always hold a special place in our hearts. 💕

4C0ABAB9-222D-4FD2-A5BA-F7759F5F3BA4First plane ride together

Couple Ring – before ending our first meet-up, we decided to buy a couple ring. Silver, non-pawnable, affordable rings. It was my idea which he agreed. It’s more like a promise ring to never forget about our love and the times we spent together. A promise to always fight for our love.

That ring serves more than a promise ring to me. It serves as a reminder that someone out there in the other side of the world is loving me. Waiting for me. Feeling the same way like me. It serves as a hope that someday, we will be together in the same place and the same time. 💓

teamtriple1    Our promise/couple ring


That’s all for now. Those are some of the highlights of our first meet-up. I hope you enjoyed reading and don’t forget to like/comment and follow! 😉